Saturday, 13 March 2010

They perform mainly with jellyfish
I was researching the Strandvonder (coast gaurd) and discovered this story

I translated it with google so it's ropey at best;

On the beach at Huisduinen is Monday morning found a dead turtle. It is a known leatherback turtle, which normally does not come for the waters around the Netherlands.

It is a big boy, the turtle is about five feet long. The footbridge Cees Helder beach Bontes is intended that the body goes into Ecomare on Texel. ,, There they decompose and then the animal exhibit.''

The tortoise at the back is affected, it is possible the animal hit by the propeller of a ship. Biologist Piere Bonnet of Ecomare suspect the animal is about fifteen years old. The turtle is he no longer than one weeks or two, three dead.

Leatherback turtles are named for their "clothing", which does not consist of a normal shield but a kind of leather covering. They perform mainly with jellyfish.