Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Sign Off

from Flotsam and Jetsam on Vimeo.

Seven years on from starting this blog and I’m finally writing the sign off. Working on this film was easily the happiest I’ve ever been at work and the proudest I’ve ever been about a final outcome.

The film has been screened all over the world, on television and at festivals and we've been featured on blogs magazines as well as gallery. If you've got a minute I'd say these are my highlights from the blog. I hope you enjoy the film.

Thank you Darling.

Thursday, 7 September 2017

The worst message in a bottle of all time

In 2016 the Metro dubbed this the worst message in a bottle of all time! Having read a few I’d agree it has to be up there.

That said, I’ve still got massive love for the sesh.

You can find more info here.

Cor Ellen

On the 6th of May 2012 Cornelius Ellen passed away at the age of 85. There's so much you can say about a man who escaped the Nazis, had a bust of his own head in his living room and girlfriends all over the world, but I’m a bit lost for words. He really lit up our film and I feel incredibly lucky to have met him.

On the 23rd of September 2012 his ashes were scattered in the Wadden Sea with the wind blowing from the east.