Saturday, 20 March 2010

Lonesome Polecat 2

The people at have been back in contact and they are certain that the downed airman That Cor Ellen saw was radio operator S/Sgt Eugene Francis Darter from B-17F 42-30255 QW-V 'Lonesome Polecat II' of 412th BS, 95th BG which was lost on 16th December 1943.

8 of the crew managed to bail out, before this ship went into sea with both
pilots. However, S/Sgt Darter being one of the first, landed into the

His injury's were supposed to be so bad he could get out of his parachute. I'm not sure who's who in the photo but ill keep updating as I find out more.

As an update I found Gone with the Wind by Micheal I Darter looking for Cor's arbitrary. It seems really beautifully written and researched.