Wednesday, 30 June 2010

The Wrecking Season

Is an increadably personal documentry about the beach combing of Nick Darke filmed and directed by his wife Jane. I've been trying to write a synopsis but the BBC site nailed so ill just quote it;

"This haunting film, photographed by Nick's artist wife Jane, which uses atmospheric and evocative archive shot by his father, captures a unique portrait of his daily work as he combed the wild seashore for the wonderful hardwoods, exotic sea beans, fishing paraphernalia and fascinating artefacts deposited on Cornwall's beaches by the ocean's long haul drift.

It's an uplifting tribute to a remarkable man whose house, garden and whole existence are full of the wonderful things he found and whose data and observations feed into important global ocean research and investigations."

Its not on the iPlayer but there is this and this.